Opera Touch: the fast, new web browser

Opera Touch: the fast, new web browser
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Opera Touch: the fast, new web browser review

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Opera Touch is a brand new mobile web browser by one of the most trusted developers in the field, Opera Software. This time, the company introduced a new accessibility design that makes browsing even faster. Inside, it’s a good old secure Opera, but with a reworked search module and faster loading. You can download the app for iOS and Android on the App Store and Play Market or update the old version. 

New Capabilities

The new Opera lets you search using the most popular search engines and utilize the new smart voice input. It can also scan barcodes and QR-codes to make it easier for you to search for products and services online faster than before. The app works notably faster on both iOS and Android devices, independently from your device model.  

One-Hand Design

Due to the improved one-hand workflow, you can use this browser with one hand on the go. You can either activate the standard bottom menu with classic action buttons or the new fast-action button. Pulling the button towards different sides of the screen, you can reveal the recently closed tabs, close or reload the current tab, or instantly share it with Opera on your computer (if it’s active). 

Direct sharing also supports notes, links, videos, documents, and other file types. All the files you share via the Flow option are totally secure due to end-to-end encryption. The same technology is used in WhatsApp, Telegram, and other secure messengers, and it doesn’t let hackers intercept your personal data. Even developers cannot decipher your data flow.

The browser is also protected from cryptojacking, which reduces the risk of overheating and fast battery draining. Unfortunately, many sites today use your device for mining cryptocurrencies, so it’s a must-have feature. Finally, the app includes an ad blocker that makes web pages loading a bit faster and removes distractive banners on the vast majority of websites. 

Private Browsing

Using the private browsing mode, you can surf the web without leaving traces on your device. It’s a perfect way to keep things top-secret and make your browsing history inaccessible for anyone. 

Our Verdict – 10

Opera Touch is an excellent update for the good old Chrome-based Opera for mobile. The developer managed to improve the classic browsing experience dramatically. Now the difference between Opera and other browsers is perceptible from the first session. No matter what computer operating system you use, Flow will make your cross-platform browsing much more convenient, while enhanced protection will reduce the system's load. 

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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Opera Touch: the fast, new web browser Opera Touch: the fast, new web browser

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